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The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook

The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook offers systematic procedures and the ingredient required to cook most vegan dishes. The recipe book holds approximately 150 recipes for the preparation of vegan dishes. In the changing times, many people are shifting their feeding preferences to include vegan dishes due to their high content of natural nutrients that are healthier. Apart from benefiting the health, vegan meals are medicinal, and they naturally increase the ability of the body to fight germs. Foods such as meat and dairy are harmful to our health, and that is why The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook offers recipes for the preparation of many other different vegan foods. People think that most vegan dishes are not tasty, but they are wrong since they have tasted vegan foods that have not been appropriately prepared. With the recipe at hand, most people can now make their vegan dishes at home, using the recipe book as a guide, and this explains the sudden shift to Vegan dieting in most people. Research has it that approximately 50% of the celebrities have shifted to Vegan diets, and this shift is an indication that most people want to eat healthily and live long. Vegan dishes are a variety, and their preparations are secure since they contain natural nutrients, therefore not overcooked. Read more here...

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Vegan masterplan program comes in the form of a downloadable e-book which you can easily access using your computer or your smartphone at the comfort of your house. This program also uses step by steps guides which are easy to read, understand and apply to acquire a fulltime permanent lifestyle. Through this program, you will effectively benefit by improving your fitness and your general health. The program will also improve your digestion process and also greatly save you a lot of money which you spend every day on unhealthy foods like the junk foods. The creator of this program has put in place a certificate of guarantee which assures you that your money is safe by giving a total refund to any member who feels not satisfied with this program which further suggests that this program is risk-free. The creator has also put free bonuses in place just for you immediately you enroll as a member in the vegan masterplan program. You only register once for the program and enjoy all the benefits associated with this program all your life. Based on the many benefits associated with this program, I highly recommend this program to everyone who has not yet accessed it and immediately sign your up for your healthy lifestyle living immediately. Read more here...

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Vegan Insider Guide

In The Vegan Insider Guide Home Study Course You Will Learn How to effectively lose weight on a vegan diet! What to eat and what not to eat on a vegan diet. The best ways to live a vegan lifestyle on a low budget. The complete steps of how to become a vegan. What are all the amazing health benefits of being a vegan! How to eliminate the health risks when first becoming vegan. How the vegan diet can aid with type II diabetes. The reason why you dont need cows milk to get enough calcium. The top 10 vegan protein sources! How to assure sufficient intake of vitamin B12! You should pay close attention to this! Otherwise you could risk insufficient intake. The best sources of vitamin D! And the most important one is Free! How to overcome the problems you first face when becoming vegan. What foods to replace meat with. How to avoid stress on a vegan diet. The effects of backsliding from the vegan diet. The curious trick to know if certain food is vegan or not. What to take into account as a pregnant vegan. The best sources for omega-3. The things to make sure when eating at a restaurant. How to switch from vegetarian to vegan diet.

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Cobalamin vitamin B12

Only microorganisms synthesise vitamin B12 and the vitamin gets into the food chain from the bacteria present in the digestive system of herbivores. Herbivores are then eaten by animals higher in the food chain. For humans, food sources of vitamin B12 include almost all animal products, certain algae and bacteria. Vitamin B12 is not present in vegetables or fruits. The dietary intake of vitamin B12 is about 5 mg day (Weir and Scott, 1998). The current RDA for B12 in most countries is between 1 and 20 mg day the British RNI are given in Table 3.1. Since food sources of vitamin B12 are limited to those of animal origin, vegetarians and especially vegans are at risk of becoming deficient and should take an oral supplement. Studies on these groups have shown evidence of biochemical deficiency such as raised concentrations of homocysteine and methylmalonic acid but no clinical evidence of anaemia or neuropathy. The exception is breastfed infants of vegans, who have developed neuropathy.

Vitamin B12hydroxocobalamin

At least 3 months reserve of vitamin B12 is usually stored in the liver. Vitamin B12 is mainly derived from meat, eggs and milk, with little in vegetarian foods. Vegans are therefore particularly at risk of deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency may also be caused by gastric pathology, such as atrophic gastritis, where IF is not synthesized, or terminal ileal disease, such as Crohn's disease, where the absorptive surface is damaged. The Schilling test can distinguish between these causes (see Chapter 46).

The functionality of meat

Traditionally, the vegetarian was likely to consume a wider range of foods than the meat eater. Consequently, vegetarians in Europe and North America historically had similar energy intakes to meat eaters and greater intakes of vitamins B1, C, E, folic acid, b-carotene, potassium and fibre (Sanders, 1999). Today, vegetarianism cannot be assumed to provide a favourable fatty acid intake. Comparative studies of vegetarian and omnivorous children surveyed from 9 to 17 years old found that saturated fat intakes were no lower in the vegetarian children (Nathan et al, 1994 Nathan et al, 1997 Burgess et al, 2001). There was no significant difference between energy intakes and the percentage energy from fat, or saturated fat intakes between vegetarian and omnivore adolescents in northwest England (Burgess et al, 2001). Vegetarian women have lower zinc intakes and status than their omnivore counterparts (Ball and Ackland, 2000). A recent study in Australia showed vegetarians had a lower intake...

Meat and micronutrients 9111 Iron in meat

Groups at risk of vitamin Bj2 deficiency include vegans and strict vegetarians, because vitamin Bj2 is exclusively of animal origin, and the elderly, because their ability to absorb this vitamin from the diet diminishes with age (Allen and Casterline, 1994 Swain, 1995 Baik and Russell, 1999 Drake et al, 1999a). In the past some vitamin B12 was provided from the soil of poorly cleaned foods. This may in part explain the apparent absence of deficiency in some vegan groups. Today, with the emphasis on good food hygiene practices, this source can no longer protect against deficiency in vulnerable individuals. Vegans are recommended to take vitamin B12 supplements since the quantity consumed from foods fortified with the vitamin is too low (Jones, 1995 Draper, 1991 Sanders and Reddy, 1994). The RNI for vitamin Bj2 among the elderly is 1.5 mg day (Department of Health, 1991). A 100g portion of lean trimmed beef contains 2 mg vitamin B12, thus supplying all their daily needs for this...


Meat protein has a higher biological value than has plant protein because some of the amino acids are limiting in plant protein. For example, lysine is the limiting amino acid in wheat, tryptophan is the limiting amino acid in maize and sulphur-containing amino acids are limiting in soyabean. It is necessary for vegans and vegetarians to eat a wide variety of vegetable protein foods to provide the necessary amounts of each amino acid. Meat is a rich source of taurine. Taurine is considered to be an essential amino acid for newborns, as they seem to have a limited ability to synthesise it. Taurine concentrations in the breast milk of vegans were shown to be considerably lower than in omnivores (Rana and Sanders, 1986). The significance of this finding is unknown.

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