Summary Of Present Technique

• Doppler evaluation

• Mark around areas of resection

2. Preresection

• Infuse first stage tumescence below levels of veins

• Patient in Trendelenberg

• Tumescence partially exsanguinates veins and fixes veins

3. Resection with Transillumination

• Slower resector speeds (300-500 rpm)

FIGURE 28.11 Post-op result.
FIGURE 28.12 Third-stage tumescence.

• Keep skin taut with free hand

• Targeted resection—no shearing, directed subcutaneous channels

4. Post-resection: Second Stage Tumescence

• Transillumination visualization

• Place illuminator/irrigator in channels of resected veins

• Irrigate residual blood

• Place further drainage sites—2-3 mm dermal punch or #11 blade

• Obtain clear effluent

5. Third Stage Tumescence with Transillumination

• #18-gauge spinal needle

• Place in subcuticular plane

• Obtain peau d'orange effect on skin

6. Post-Procedure

• Wrap with compressive dressing

• Ambulate immediately

• Unwrap two days post-op

• Compression stockings for two to three weeks

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