Mitchel P Goldman

This chapter is modified from: Complications and adverse sequelae of sclerotherapy. In: Sclerotherapy treatment of varicose and telangiectatic leg veins, 4e. Goldman MP, Bergan JB, Guex JJ, Eds. London: Elsevier. 2006.

As with any therapeutic technique, sclerotherapy is associated with a number of potential adverse sequelae and complications. Fairly common, and often self-limiting, side effects include cutaneous pigmentation and a flare of new telangiectasia. Relatively rare complications include localized cutaneous necrosis and systemic allergic reactions. This chapter addresses the pathophysiology of these reactions, methods for decreasing their incidence, and treatment of their occurrence.

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

Rosacea and Eczema are two skin conditions that are fairly commonly found throughout the world. Each of them is characterized by different features, and can be both discomfiting as well as result in undesirable appearance features. In a nutshell, theyre problems that many would want to deal with.

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