Laser Treatment Systems

A compilation of laser and intense pulsed light sources utilized in the setting of laser treatment of legs veins are presented herein and summarized in Table 16.6. The wavelengths of light range from 515 nm to 1064 nm, depending on the treatment system employed. As mentioned earlier in the chapter, the longer the wavelength, the greater the depth of penetration, as illustrated in Figure 16.4.

578 nm Copper Bromide (CuBr) Yellow Light Laser

A new yellow light laser employing a copper bromide medium has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment or red lower extremity telangiectasia that are less than 2 mm in size. An average of 1.7 patient sessions produced significant clearing of 75% to 100% in 71.8% of patients. The positive results have been confined to the treatment of red vessels (1 mm).10

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