41 mos (mean)

78% (mean)

Adapted from Reference 29. Used with permission.

Adapted from Reference 29. Used with permission.

continued. In our experience, thrombectomy has failed only when our own treatment guidelines were not observed. Although several patients may not have benefited, no patient has been made clinically worse, and we have yet to observe a symptomatic PE following the procedure.

The long-term benefits of venous thrombectomy relate to its ability to achieve proximal patency and maintain distal valve competence. Both are influenced by initial technical success and the avoidance of recurrent thrombosis. Initial success in achieving patency is, in turn, influenced by timely intervention and attention to technical detail. Pooled data from a number of contemporary reports on iliofemoral venous thrombectomy (see Tables 45.1 and 45.2) have indicated that the early and long-term patency for the iliofemo-ral venous segment is in the 75 to 80% range compared with 30% patency in patients treated with anticoagulation alone,20 and femoral-popliteal venous valve function is preserved in the majority of patients.

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