Based upon the available literature, patients with iliofemoral DVT routinely should be considered for a management strategy designed to remove thrombus from the iliofemoral system in order to reduce postthrombotic sequelae. Many patients are now treated as outpatients for acute DVT. However, when common femoral vein thrombosis with occlusion is identified by venous duplex, we would recommend that the patient be hospitalized and the strategy that is summarized in Figure 45.10 adopted. If the patient is not a candidate for catheter-directed thrombolysis, the recommendation for venous thrombectomy (Grade 1B) should be followed.

Successful thrombus removal results in improved quality of life and fewer postthrombotic sequelae.16-18,23 A randomized trial of catheter-directed thrombolysis versus anticoagulation has shown better patency and preserved valve function in those treated with thrombolytic therapy.24 Patients who have iliofemoral DVT and contraindications to lytic

TABLE 45.4 Venous Thrombectomy: Comparison of Old and Contemporary Techniques




Pretreatment phlebography/CT scan



Venous thrombectomy catheter



Operative fluoroscopy/phlebography



Correct iliac vein stenosis



Arteriovenous fistula



Infrainguinal thrombectomy



Full post op anticoagulation



Catheter-directed anticoagulation



IPC post op



IPC, intermittent pneumatic compression. Adapted from Reference 29. Used with permission.

IPC, intermittent pneumatic compression. Adapted from Reference 29. Used with permission.

therapy should be considered for venous thrombectomy if they present within 10 days of the onset of their DVT.

Aggressive anticoagulation combined with leg compres-sion21,22 is the preferred treatment for patients who have a contraindication to thrombolysis, are poor operative candidates, have a prolonged duration of venous thrombosis, or are critically ill or bedridden.

Contemporary venous thrombectomy has substantially improved the early and long-term results of patients with extensive DVT compared to the initial reports. The major technical differences between the initial and contemporary procedures are listed in Table 45.4. Recent reports of those performing venous thrombectomy and the long-term results of a large Scandinavian randomized trial confirm significant benefit compared to anticoagulation alone. Therefore, vascular surgeons should include contemporary venous throm-bectomy as part of their routine operative armamentarium.


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