Conclusion For Varicose Veins

FIGURE 32.4 Life table analysis of primary success rates from ultrasound surveillance for ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for the SSV according to the patients' ages.
FIGURE 32.5 Life table analysis of primary success rates from ultrasound surveillance for ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for the SSV according to the vein diameters.

The hemodynamics of SSV reflux are poorly understood. The concept of a "source" of reflux from a deep venous pool does not seem to be valid. Retrograde flow into the SSV is probably simply an expression of the capacity in the dilated veins. The variable anatomy and reflux patterns are probably responsible for the wide variation in treatment techniques and poor results from surgery. Better techniques need to be defined to improve surgical outcome if it is to remain the preferred technique for treatment. Otherwise new endove-nous techniques will replace surgery as experience grows.


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