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It Happens to Everyone Normal Memory Lapses and Distortions

Do you find that not only do you forget things but your mind also plays tricks on you You feel so confident about your recollection of a particular event, only to discover that you are entirely wrong on one or more key details. Let's say you remember that your neighbor's daughter became engaged and you are sure that your neighbor told you this information. But it turns out that you'd actually read about it in the local newspaper. This is an example of misattribution, a memory error that happens to practically everyone and becomes more common with age.

B A brief history of laterality

Many discussions in the 1970s went well beyond the facts - as hemisphere differences were invoked to explain, in one fell swoop, all of the puzzles of human psychology, including the subconscious mind, creativity, and parapsycho-logical phenomena - but the inevitable backlash was also exaggerated. Within academic psychology, Efron's The Decline and Fall of Hemispheric Specialization (1990) was an attempt to turn a critical eye on the methodologies of lat-erality research and to reject those claims for left-right differences that could be as easily explained by response biases as by differences in cognition of the cerebral hemispheres. Unfortunately, the title of Efron's book was taken too literally as a rejection of not only some cases of poor methodology, but also of several core ideas in neuropsychology. Today, a surprising number of psychologists - from Department Chairmen to best-selling authors - consider the entire issue of laterality to be a meaningless Age of Aquarius...

Levels of Consciousness

Some of our thoughts are easily known, and it may seem that that is all there is to our minds. Freud saw the limits of this view. What is in your mind is not identical with what you are conscious of whether something is going on in your mind and whether you hear of it are two different things (S. Freud, 1925 1958, p. 8).

Enter a 1Year Internship Program Only

Let's say you are torn between several specialties that are quite distinct from each other, like radiology, pediatrics, and surgery. If you find it impossible to make up your mind, then consider only applying for general internship positions (with no further postgraduate commitment), rather than a complete residency. After all, this is what nearly every physician did back in the old days (before 1972) to decide upon their eventual specialty. By entering a 1-year internship, the undecided graduating medical student still earns credit for postgraduate training while at the same time continuing to explore other specialties. The intention, of course, is to reapply to residency programs to start hopefully as a PGY-2 resident in that specialty. Sounds like a perfect idea, right Well, read on.

Courtship in the Pleistocene

To judge a new theory of human evolution, it can be more important to forget one's preconceptions than to learn a set of new facts and ideas. Most of our images of human evolution come from popular culture. Film, television, cartoons, and advertising have filled our heads with a lot of colorful nonsense about prehistory. If the image in your mind is of cave-men clubbing cave-women unconscious and dragging them off, you may not grant sexual choice much significance in human evolution. This chapter aims to confront these preconceptions, inquiring how our ancestors did and did not form sexual relationships.

Phenomenal Experience and Explanation The Role of Tacit Knowledge

Now imagine a person on a bicycle traveling down a hill and then turning around and pedaling back up the hill. Which took longer in your imagining, the downhill portion or the uphill portion Again, the important question is Why did those time intervals appear in your imaginings It should not be hard to think up numerous such imaginings involving time, in which you are likely to agree that the reason one event takes longer than another is not because of how your mind-brain is constituted, but because of what you know, even if you did not know that you knew it (i.e., even if you would give a different answer when asked on a written questionnaire). The use of reaction time in psychological experiments has been a major boon to information-processing theories because it has enabled us to compare the computational complexity (typically interpreted as an indication of the number of operations performed) of processes under different inputs. And yet in this case it seems that it tells us...

Relaxation Techniques

Especially Beneficial At times when your mind is racing or if you have trouble sensing and releasing tension Autoregulation techniques. Experiment with deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, or meditation. By learning to relax your body, you may find that you can relax your mind. 3. Before you go to sleep and when you awaken, take some mindful breaths. Instead of allowing your mind to wander over the day's concerns, direct your attention to your breathing. Feel its effects on your nostrils, lungs, and abdomen. Try to think of nothing else.

The Clitoris and the Orgasm

The sex difference between penis and clitoris can be viewed as a physical manifestation of Fisher's runaway process a highly developed male trait (the penis) designed to stimulate, and a highly discerning female preference (the clitoral orgasm) designed to respond selectively to skillful stimulation. If this runaway model is right, then there was a sort of stimulatory arms race between the human penis and the human clitoris. The penis evolved to deliver more and more stimulation, while the clitoris evolved to demand more and more.

What Passes From One Generation To The Next Is Information

In the first of Mendel's three conceptual breakthroughs, he separated the information that produced a given trait (which we will call the genotype) from the physical manifestation of the trait itself (which we will call the phenotype). In the case of the pea plant, the yellow-pod recipe (genotype) produces a seedpod that appears to our eyes to be yellow (phenotype). If we were cooking, the words of the cake recipe on the page of the cookbook would be the genotype, but the lemon flavor of the cake would be its phenotype (Figure 3.4). We can carry this analogy further and point out that some phenotypes can be rather more complex, as in a cake with a chocolate genotype having several different characteristics (brown color, chocolate flavor) that are part of its phenotype.

What Is Memory

Some are meant to be retained for just a short time and then discarded. Imagine if you carried in your head every phone number you ever dialed or the time and location of every movie you ever saw. These memories would clutter your mind and, like outdated clothing in the closet or junk accumulated in the garage, they would make it harder for you to find the things that you need. The fleeting nature of short-term memory is actually beneficial because it allows you to discard unnecessary information. If you kept every short-term memory, your mind would become so overloaded with trivia that you would have trouble retrieving memories that are really important.


Imagine that you're watching your child's soccer game and the other team scores a goal. A parent complains that the goal shouldn't count because the player who scored it touched the ball with her hands in violation of the rules. At the moment the goal was scored, you hadn't noticed that the player used her hands, but when your mind runs an instant replay of the action, you now see that she did.

The Genetic Alphabet

What form does the genetic information take We want you to start out with this picture in your mind the information in the human genome is written out in a linear chain of chemical building blocks or genetic letters in much the same way this book is written as a linear chain of printed symbols. These chains of chemical building blocks are located within the cell inside of a cellular organelle called the nucleus.

Rudimentary Organs

I am very glad you think it worth while to run through my book again, as much, or more, for the subject's sake as for my own sake. But I look at your keeping the subject for some little time before your mind--raising your own difficulties and solving them--as far more important than reading my book. If you think enough, I expect you will be perverted, and if you ever are, I shall know that the theory of Natural Selection, is, in the main, safe that it includes, as now put forth, many errors, is almost certain, though I cannot see them. Do not, of course, think of answering this but if you have other OCCASION to write again, just say whether I have, in ever so slight a degree, shaken any of your objections. Farewell. With my cordial thanks for your long letters and valuable remarks,

The fatal week

Dearest . . . since my return I have been nursing M. day and night. He is sick unto death. This sentence was underlined in the original. The doctors held a consultation yesterday, and now all depends upon how long his strength will hold out. Both my brothers-in-law are here and we are terribly anxious. I cannot answer your letter fully today, my darling, but relieve your mind of all fear of discovery now and in the future. M. has been delirious since Sunday, and I know now that he is perfectly ignorant of everything, even of the name of the street, and also that he has not been making any inquiries whatever. The tale he told me was a pure fabrication, and only intended to frighten the truth out of me. In fact he believes my statement although he will not admit it. You need not therefore go abroad on that account, dearest but, in any case, please don't leave England until I have seen you once again. You must feel that those two letters of mine were written under circumstances which...

Ptsd 407

Sonal relations, and because self-empowerment in the age of AIDS is increasingly important, the role of psychological services is often critical to the well-being of the AIDS-inflicted person. psychological services are also designed to support AIDS care-givers and those (partners, family, friends) coping with the fear of AIDS. These services often focus on living or on dying. They may include peer counseling or counseling by social workers support groups (either facilitated or unfacilitated) therapy groups (generally facilitated by a mental health professional) or individual therapy (provided by mental health professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses). They may be provided independently, under the auspices of an AIDS service provider, under the auspices of AIDS-advocacy organization, or by another organization. They may be free or fee-based.


One part of your note has pleased me so much that I must thank you for it. Not only Sir H.H. Holland , but several others, have attacked me about analogy leading to belief in one primordial CREATED form. ('Origin,' edition i. page 484.-- Therefore I should infer from analogy that probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed. ) (By which I mean only that we know nothing as yet of how life originates.) I thought I was universally condemned on this head. But I answered that though perhaps it would have been more prudent not to have put it in, I would not strike it out, as it seemed to me probable, and I give it on no other grounds. You will see in your mind the kind of arguments which made me think it probable, and no one fact had so great an effect on me as your most curious remarks on the apparent homologies of the head of Vertebrata and Articulata.


Needs can be established with any one of a variety of objects by setting up systems involving these objects for example, having a jar with a slit in the top and repeatedly giving the child discs (washers, frozen orange juice tops, coins, etc.) that fit through the slit in the jar's top. (It helps to have a transparent glass jar so that the child can see the disc fall and hear it clink as it hits the bottom of the jar.) Soon you will find the child accepting the disc and putting it in the slit without any assistance. Once the disc-in-jar system is established in this way, you can interrupt it by starting to give the disc to the child but then suddenly changing your mind (interrupting the system) and placing it under the cup. Typically, the child will pick up or knock over the cup so he can get the disc, put it through the slit on top of the jar, and complete the system.

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