Small Intestine

Overview (Table 63):

Table 63 • Abnormal findings in the small intestine

Functional disorders Thickening of the bowel wall


Autonomic diabetic neuropathy (p. 361)

Partial or complete mechanical bowel obstruction (p. 361) Intussusception (p. 362) Partial or complete paralytic ileus (p. 362)

Long segmental thickening

Crohn disease of the terminal ileum (p. 363)

Acute febrile enteritis (p. 364)

Small bowel hematoma (p. 365)

Mesenteric vascular occlusion (p. 365) Amyloidosis (p. 365)

Circumscribed thickening

Benign tumors of the small intestine (adenoma, leiomyoma, p. 365)

Malignant tumors of the small intestine (duodenal carcinoma, carcinoid, p. 365)

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