Other Somatosensory Areas In Frontal And Parietal Cortex

Several studies report somatosensory foci located at least 1 cm anterior to the parietal operculum.26,40,54,76,98,111,128,207,213 These foci involve the superior and posterior parts of the insula and frontal operculum.54,76,87,98,111 Even with the crudity of spatial resolution available in brain images, the location of these anterior foci clearly differ from responses attributable to posterior parietal operculum, SII.26,40,54,98,128 SEFs in four out of five subjects trail, by 4 to 30 msec, those from the parietal operculum.128 The coordinates for the centers of mass for these anterior foci have considerable variance irrespective of whether the same or different body sites are stimulated, which means somatotopic maps are improbable. An especially interesting observation is that activity in the insula also includes the nearby claustrum; and that this combined insula/claustrum focus might serve in the cross-modal transfer of shape information obtained through tactile or visual processing.87

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