The cytoarchitecture in the parietal operculum consists of a prominent granule cell layer IV and small to medium sized pyramidal cells in supra- and infra-granular layers. A similar pattern prevails over all of the parietal operculum and adjoining anterior two-thirds of inferior aspects of the supramarginal gyrus in humans59 and in the parietal operculum and inferior parietal lobule in animals.21,191 Even a transitional area located close to the posterior ascending ramus of the Sylvian fissure, labeled PFG, still manifests a distinct layer IV.59 This cytoarchitecture characterizes many paleocortical derivative, sensory dedicated cortical regions.59,211 The connections to this lateral and inferior parietal cortex in monkeys are especially concerned with information from the somatosensory system.20,27,74,75,114,116 Not too surprisingly, therefore, somatosensory stimulation evokes responses within and near the parietal operculum.21

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