10.1 Introduction

10.2 Ways of Representing the Code

10.2.1 Recent Considerations of the Temporal Aspects of Input Representations

10.2.2 Spike Train Quantification

10.2.3 Average Firing Rate after Initial Responses

10.2.4 Percentage Entrainment of the Response to the Stimulus

10.2.5 Synchronicity of the Response with the Stimulus

10.2.6 Phase and Mean Phase of the Response

10.2.7 Interspike Intervals, Joint Interval Plots, and Autocorrelograms

10.3 What the Code Can Reveal

10.3.1 Changes in Sensory Responsiveness

10.3.2 Sensory Responsiveness Changes with Changes in Expectation

10.3.3 Sensory Responsiveness during Guided Movements

10.4 Summary Acknowledgments References

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