Slit Lamp Exam of the Prospective Contact Lens Patient

The result of the slit lamp examination is one of the determining factors in whether or not a patient can try contact lenses. Here is a basic list of things that the fitter will want to know:

1. Tear film: Is the tear film clear, or is there evidence of oil and/or debris? What is the tear BUT? Is there evidence of dry eye?

2. Eyelids: What is the blink rate? Do the lids close completely with each blink? Are the lid margins smooth? Is exophthalmus present? Are the lids and lashes clean, or is there crusting and evidence of infection? How does the female patient wear eye makeup (heavy mascara, liner on the lid margins, etc)?

3. Conjunctiva: Is there any redness? (If yes, give location and grade.) Are there any growths that might interfere with the location of a contact lens? Are there any papillae or follicles on the palpebral conjunctiva?

4. Cornea: Is the cornea totally clear? Are there any scars? Dystrophy? Vascularization? When fluorescein dye is applied, is there any staining?



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