Retina and Vitreous Scleral Buckle Retinal Detachment Repair

Following retinal detachment repair with a scleral buckle, the patient may have some lid swelling. There may be conjunctival injection, edema, or a subconjunctival hemorrhage. The eye itself is not entered, but there is an incision in the conjunctiva at the limbus. The corneal epithelium may evidence exposure keratitis. Check the AC for inflammatory reaction and hyphema, and monitor chamber depth for angle closure.

One of the risks in retinal detachment repair is the occurrence of anterior segment necrosis, which occurs rarely during the late postoperative course. The slit lamp findings in this complication include marked chemosis; corneal edema; striae; white flakes in the anterior chamber or on the lens; large keratitic precipitates; an irregular, dilated pupil; iris atrophy; posterior synechiae; and cataract formation.

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