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asthma: conjunctivitis, cataract (secondary to corticosteroid treatment). Bell's Palsy: incomplete or absent lid closure, exposure keratitis.

breast cancer: metastatic lesion to angle, metastatic lesion to iris, other metastatic lesions (visible mass, redness), symptoms of metastatic lesions (exophthalmus, hyphema). cancer (see Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Melanoma). Candida albicans (yeast): swelling of lacrimal gland, lid "thrush," conjunctivitis, stringy mucus, keratitis, pseudomembranes.

carotid artery disease: dilation of conjunctival blood vessels, iritis.

chickenpox: vesicles on lid, conjunctivitis, abnormal pupil, superficial punctate keratitis, iritis.

Chlamydia: lid swelling, conjunctival injection, conjunctivitis, conjunctival pseudomembranes, keratitis, corneal vascularization.

colon cancer: metastatic lesions (visible mass, redness), symptoms of metastatic lesions (exophthalmus, hyphema).

craniofacial syndromes: exophthalmus, nystagmus, exposure keratitis, coloboma. diabetes: xanthelasma, corneal wrinkles, rubeosis of iris, loss of iris pigment, cataract, asteroid hyalosis.

Downs Syndrome: nystagmus, epicanthal folds, keratoconus, iris spots, Brushfield's spots (gray or white spots around the edge of the iris), cataract.

eczema: lid crusting, scaling, and oozing (blepharitis); conjunctivitis; conjunctival thickening; congestion of conjunctival blood vessels; dry eye; keratoconus; cataract. emphysema: cataract (secondary to corticosteroid treatment). endocarditis: nystagmus, tiny red dots on conjunctiva, anisocoria, iritis. facial deformity syndromes: microphthalmos, down-sloping lid slant, nystagmus, lower lid coloboma, dermoid cysts of the globe, cataract.

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