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Natural Vitiligo Treatment System

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Natural Vitiligo Treatment System Summary


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Fast Vitiligo Cure Summary

Contents: 70-page Digital E-book
Author: William Oliver
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Recessive Traits In Humans

We talk about albinism as a recessive trait rather than talking about pigmentation as a dominant trait because, when we are talking about an unusual or rare characteristic, we are usually trying to identify what is going on with the mode of inheritance of the unusual phenotype within a family or population. We could actually say that pigmentation is dominant over albinism. The inheritance of skin pigmentation may look simple if you have two copies of the albinism allele, you have the coloration of the albinism trait. However, if you have at least one copy of the normal dominant copy of the albinism gene, there are actually a lot of other genes that contribute to coloration and make inheritance of skin and hair color rather complex.

Dermatology Is Both Medicine And Surgery

Many cosmetic dermatologists also perform laser skin resurfacing, which involves the use of a laser (light amplification by the simulated emission of radiation) to treat wrinkles, pigmented lesions (such as birthmarks), scars, tattoos, warts, and unwanted hair. A related advanced technique known as electrosurgi-cal resurfacing uses micro-electrical radiofrequency to deliver a pulse of energy to the skin. Electosurgical resurfacing removes lesions without the loss of skin pigmentation, so it can be used on skin of all colors.

Calcineurin inhibitors

Topical tacrolimus is licensed for the treatment of moderate and severe atopic eczema in children (0.03 ) and adults (0.1 ) and, more recently, it has also been applied to other inflammatory dermatoses such as contact dermatitis, erosive lichen ruber planus, steroid-induced rosacea, pyoderma gangrenosum, vitiligo, and psoriasis (Assmann and Ruzicka, 2002 Gupta et al., 2002 Nasr, 2000). In single case reports, topical tacrolimus has also been shown to be effective in treating cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE). According to

Description Of The Diseases

In some cases, superficial C. albicans infections may be particularly severe and recalcitrant to treatment, producing the uncommon disorder known as chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. This condition consists of persistent and recurrent infections of the mucous membranes, skin, and nails, along with a variety of other manifestations. The superficial infections last for years in affected patients unless they are properly treated, although deep candida infections are very rare in this situation. Oral thrush and candida vaginitis are fairly common in patients with chronic mucocuta-neous candidiasis. There is often infection of the esophagus, although further extension into the viscera is unusual. Epidermal neutrophilic microabscesses, which are common in acute cutaneous candidiasis, are rare in the lesions of chronic mucocutaneous candidi-asis. The oral lesions are generally tender and painful. A number of other disorders are associated with the syndrome of chronic mucocutaneous...

Differential Diagnosis

The diagnosis of APS type 1 is established when at least two of the following three findings are identified in a patient mucocutaneous candidiasis, hypoparathyroidism, and Addison disease adrenal autoantibodies. APS type 1 has also been termed the autoimmune dystrophy (APECED) syndrome because associated disorders include dental enamel hypoplasia and nail dystrophy. Other associated diseases in APS type 1 patients include gonaditis (producing primary gonadal failure in women) and autoimmune hepatitis. Less commonly associated conditions are type 1 diabetes mellitus, autoimmune thyroid disease, vitiligo, alopecia, fat malabsorption, IgA deficiency, pernicious anemia, red cell aplasia, and progressive myopathy. The diagnosis of APS type 2 is confirmed when Addison disease (or adrenal autoanti-bodies) is associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus and or autoimmune thyroid disease. Less often associated disorders include gonaditis, hypophysitis, autoimmune hepatitis, vitiligo, alopecia,...


Joint Contractures And Scleroderma

Rapid progression of these changes in less than 3 to 4 years poses a greater risk of developing visceral involvement, which can affect the lungs, heart, or kidneys. Interestingly, in diffuse cutaneous SSc, the skin fibrosis can improve after 3 to 5 years of progression, particularly affecting the trunk and proximal extremities. Patients with lSSc usually show a slower progression of skin induration (Fig. 1). Independent of the subset of SSc, distal extremities are affected more severely, in general. In later stages of the disease, the skin may become atrophic. Especially in the extremities, the tethered skin leads to impairment of extension and flexion, resulting in contractures (Fig. 2). A typical complication is ulcer of the fingertips, and the proximal inter-phalangeal joints, eventually with secondary infection. The affected skin may show hyper-pigmentation, which may also occur over superficial blood vessels and tendons. Interspersed maculae of hypo-pigmented skin may become...


Ciency or lack of secretion of adrenocortical HORmones. It may be a result of tuberculosis or autoimmune-induced adrenal disease. Its symptoms include occasional discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes, irregular patches of vitiligo (depigmentation of the skin), black freckles over head and neck, fever, tumors, hemorrhagic necrosis, weakness, fatigue, hypotension, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, and sometimes hypoglycemia. If not treated, it is usually fatal. See adrenal function and adrenal

Operative Technique

A major cause of discomfort and occasional permanent skin pigmentation is subcutaneous extravasation of blood during and after saphenous vein stripping. Such extravasation can be minimized by applying a hemostatic tourniquet after Esmarch exsanguination of the limb. The pressure in the hemostatic tourniquet should be between 250 and 300 mm Hg, and the tourniquet should not be in place for longer than one hour. If a tourniquet is not used, the entire operation on one limb can be performed with the limb elevated 30 so that the major varicose clusters are higher than the heart. In addition, hemostatic packing can be placed into the saphenous vein tunnel.


Mosaic triploidy (diploid triploid mixoploidy) has been reported in approximately 20 patients. Trip-loid cells were found in both lymphocytes and fibroblasts, although in a number of cases, the triploid cell line was limited to fibroblasts (193). Patients with such mixoploidy are less severely affected than nonmosaics and survival beyond 10 years has been observed. Usual clinical features include intrauterine growth retardation, psychomotor retardation, asymmetric growth, broad nasal bridge, syndactyly, genital anomalies, and irregular skin pigmentation (194). Truncal obesity was seen in some patients (195).

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