Richard Webb, and Andy Wells. At University College London: Ken Binmore, Chris McManus, Amy Parish, Henry Plotkin, Andrew Pomiankowski, Camilla Power, David Shanks, and Volker Sommer.

Others who contributed important ideas, inspiration, support, and/or feedback related to the book have included Laura Betzig, Robert Boyd, Ellen Dissanayake, Dean Falk, Robert Frank, Steve Gangestad, Arthur Jensen, Chris Knight, Bjorn Merker, Steven Mithen, Randy Nesse, Brad Payne, Robert Plomin, Don Symons, Andy Whiten, George Williams, David Sloan Wilson, and John Ziman.

For their unwavering support and generosity over the years, special thanks to my parents Frank and Carolyn Miller, and to my friends Helena Cronin and Peter Todd.

For choosing me, thanks to my Scheherazade, my partner Rosalind Arden.

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