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Search Engines

Free-to-view news can also be found in the news section of your favorite search engines (see the health news page at Yahoo or use this Web site's general news search page http . Type in seizures and epilepsy (or synonyms). If you know the name of a company that is relevant to seizures and epilepsy, you can go to any stock trading Web site (such as and search for the company name there. News items across various news sources are reported on indicated hyperlinks.

Other internet resources and knowledge integration

There are now countless pages of information on nearly any topic available on the Internet a recent Google search for the word cancer returned 83 million results. Thus, general search engines or broadly inclusive website guides like the cancer index http often prove inefficient. Furthermore, it is common for researchers to need to compile datasets from various sources for doing more advanced analysis. For example, Internet database resources pertinent to basic cancer genetics have been surveyed, summarized (64), and updated html biology) into the following categories distributors and animal production services related to animal models phenotypes for genetically defined and genetically engineered animals related to animal models cancer genetics and genomics pathology reagents, services, laboratory protocols cancer biology. These online resources can collectively be used to address the practical research needs for a particular cancer study.

Disease Detectives Today

They watch for the emergence of a new disease or an old microbial adversary using a network of doctors and high-tech equipment like satellites and the Internet. The WHO is continuously monitoring the World Wide Web with a customized search engine called the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, listening for rumors and reports of suspicious disease-related events. Online eavesdropping led to the early detection of the 2003 outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome).

Overseas Training

General Search Engines Search Engines Search engines will be very useful in researching various issues that will have a far reaching effect on your career and you must know how to make best use of the technology. Some of you do not know the difference between search engines and directories. Many use the term search engine to describe both search engines and directories. They are not the same. They are compiled differently. This affects the quality of the listings and in turn affects your search results.

Thresholding and multiple comparisons

Commonly, researchers impose an additional threshold on extent of activation, requiring k (for example, 5) or more contiguous voxels to be significant at .005 (for example) before considering a region to be significant. This approach does not necessarily control the FWER either. The assumption that the chances of observing 5 contiguous voxels at p .005 is .0055 (true for independent voxels) is erroneous because imaging data are correlated ( smooth ) across space. Without estimating the spatial smoothness, one cannot tell what the true probability of observing a contiguous activated cluster of k voxels is under the null hypothesis. Smoothness, number of subjects, and the size of the search volume vary across studies, so the FWER corrected threshold will also be different for different studies. ROI analysis. Because of the difficulty in preserving both false positive control and power without many subjects, researchers often specify regions-of-interest (ROIs) in which activation is...

Moving Forward

Why Internet age All too often, patients diagnosed with seizures and epilepsy will log on to the internet, type words into a search engine, and receive several Web site listings which are mostly irrelevant or redundant. These patients are left to wonder where the relevant information is, and how to obtain it. since only the smallest fraction of information dealing with seizures and epilepsy is even indexed in search engines, a non-systematic approach often leads to frustration and disappointment. With this sourcebook, we hope to direct you to the information you need that you would not likely find using popular Web directories. Beyond Web listings, in many cases we will reproduce brief summaries or abstracts of available reference materials. These abstracts often contain distilled information on topics of discussion.


Within MEDLINEplus, the NIH has made an agreement with the New York Times Syndicate, the AP News Service, and Reuters to deliver news that can be browsed by the public. Search news releases at MEDLINEplus allows you to browse across an alphabetical index. Or you can search by date at Often, news items are indexed by MEDLINEplus within their search engine. The following was recently indexed as relating to seizures and epilepsy

SEO Skills And Mastery

SEO Skills And Mastery

Get More Traffic With SEO. SEO is short for search engine optimization. This is the very complex yet very visible way of accessing websites or web pages within the natural or unpaid realm of search results. Simply put in its literal sense, is that the more visits or hits as it is often referred to the more visible the said site would be when a search is applied.

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