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All you need to know about the Mom conference creator:

Desi Ward and Lauren McClain are two experts in the field of family and relationships. They both are the creators and hosts to this conference, they have so many secrets and tricks they have used in the past and they will show you exactly why they did in order to overcome some of the most common challenges that mothers and wives go through. 

The mom conference review:

Being a mother is not an easy task. This conference is going to help you manage to be a mother in the easiest way possible. By allowing you to engage and network with professionals and connect ideas, your level of knowledge is going to skyrocket in just that one conference day. The great thing about this is that it is hosted by gathering many people such as mothers, people with lots of experience, some teachers, psychologists and other professionals that share their information and stories. It has a nice and chilled down overall feel because everyone is there to learn and engage. 

The mom conference is also hosted by holding many sponsors and vendors that fit the occasion. This is something that is huge because many events are sponsored by hosts that have no relation to the topic of the conference. Many sponsors are also trying to just make money but this is not the case with this conference. The sponsors themselves were putting services and products that fit the occasion and very unique products you will love. The conference holds many events that talk about many issues. The first and most important ones are with the psychologists. These are professionals who deal with family issues all day every day. They have a lot of education and knowledge as well as a lot of experience. They will dedicate their time to talk about issues such as the prenatal phase, relationship issues, sexual issues with the partner, how to bring your children in a safe environment, how to establish the bond between mother and child and how to deal with many issues that are centered around being a mother. 

There are also other officials and figures that are important to the conversation such as politicians talking about family issues, lawyers who talk about the legislative work when it comes to the specific cases and everyone is talking to each other in a very safe and peaceful manner. The environment is also inviting and very informative. 

Why you should join the mom conference: 

The first reason why you should join is that you will know so many things you thought you knew. There are many programs that have some kind of 'I already knew it' factor. Some of them say even the same thing over and over again. This is not it, it has so many chapters and talks that are so useful in real life. And the greatest thing of all this is that it relates to every single mother out there. It is information that people would pay thousands of dollars just to know, but it is all here for a conference that is super useful engaging and fun to have. 

The other good thing about this is the fact that this has been created by a great mind that has also worked on many projects such as being a good wife, being a good boss and being a good mother. So she not only talks about the concept of motherhood from a mother perspective, but she also talks about it from a wife's perspective. She will really bring a lot of joy and happiness in your whole life and she is very sweet. 

The 3-day online conference is also going to be perfect to help busy moms in all aspects of their life.  There were numerous presentations on everything from marital relationships, eating well, fitness, money management, emotional well being, sleeping, talking to people, engaging, establishing your personality and being an influencer. Each day, there are about 7  speakers presenting information made available to view for a 24 hour period.  The only bad thing you will actually feel is that you do not have the time to watch all. This is a really big problem that a lot of people have, some of the speakers had great information but you would have to choose to go to each speaker separately. The great thing is that you can ask other people for their notes or online on what they said and what was relevant to the conversation and talk at hand. 

The best thing about all of this is that it talks about the whole life of you being a mother and a wife. It talks even about how to become a good mother when the kids eventually grow up and have their wives and husbands, how to become the best in law and how to be the leader in that relationship effortlessly. 

Some of the speakers would even deserve their own full day but the issue was that they were all talking and engaging at the same time. So you would have to split yourself into 8 pieces to listen to all of them. You can always rewatch it but there is nothing better than to talk to the people and engage. You would be surprised at how effective it is to talk to other mothers and wives that have the same experiences. Sometimes you would not even need the speakers, the people at the conference might have had an experience you are facing right now and they can help with that. 


The conference is a very useful experience you will love, it talks about other aspects of life such as jobs and building a business. Many people who have started and built big businesses have talked about some of the best strategies to manage time. You will absolutely love the mom conference. The people and the hosts are very friendly, they everyone the chance to engage, ask questions and be active in their community. 

Mom Conference
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