50 Cent Fat Blasting Soup - Lose Your Fat Deliciously

50 Cent Fat Blasting Soup

When you hear about fat burning, what comes to your mind? Extensive exercises, treadmill, ugly diets, and whatnot? Indeed, losing fat these days have been limited to that, thanks to all the self-proclaimed fitness gurus.

While you can follow them, waste your money and time, and live a miserable life for longer than you think until you start shedding, or you can simply eat a bowl of soup, relax in your house, and shed enormous amounts of fat in a matter of few days.

Like most of the successful weight shedders, you would definitely like to choose the latter method. And when you do, know that the answer is always “50-Cent Fat-Blasting Soup”.

“The Microwave Miracle”

50-Cents Fat Blasting Soup is called The Microwave Miracle because it is the first of its kind weight loss recipe that

  • Can be prepared easily (even kids can make it),
  • Is super delicious with meaty and cheesy flavors, and
  • Has no side effects whatsoever.

Yet, what’s most striking is that you don’t have to

  • Follow any exercise regimes,
  • Restrict your diet, or
  • Bring any kind of change in your daily life.

The peculiar combination of each and every ingredient used in making the soup does everything for you. This combination is taught in the PDF that you’ll download once you purchase it.

Besides the book, there are 10 unique recipes or alterations of the original recipe so that you never get bored of one taste and have flavors to rotate each day. We’re talking about flavors like cheeseburger soup, taco soup, a light summer soup and more.

So, overall, the package in front of you contains the following.

  • Soup recipe that has a cheesy or meaty taste.
  • 10 alternative recipes to make the most out of the soup.
  • A 3-day cycle that completely transforms simple soup into a fat transforming machine.
  • A legendary technique that could let you consume coffee without having it ruin your body.
  • How to calm down your stress about weight loss?
  • Psychological tricks that improve your sleep cycles so that you wake up with immense energy.
  • How one small habit can help you lose 50 pounds of weight every year?
  • Tricks to stay happier and focused on the goal.
  • Learn to make the soup for 27 cents per cup. After this, you won’t have to buy any other grocery item.

The Ingredients

The ingredients of the soup can be found practically in every grocery store you visit. Even you can grow them in your garden and make soups that last longer.

There are 5 ingredients in total and they are:

  • 1. Cheesy Flavor: This ingredient has vitamin B12 and nutrients that pack huge amounts of energy for the whole day. Since you’ll be having a boost of energy, your metabolism will eventually improve. Not to mention, the cheesy flavor will take you by storm.
  • 2. Meaty Flavor: This flavor is derived from an ingredient that has loads of protein blocks. You know how proteins are important if you want to activate your body’s natural ways of relying on fats as a source of energy rather than carbs.
  • 3. Garlic: This ingredient has great benefits for your digestive system. It also gives the soup a tangy Italian foods flavor, the like of which you haven’t tasted.
  • 4. Fat-Transforming Spice: Spices are the backbone of soup and this one is no different. However, the spice that it uses is meant to burn fat by transforming it into a form that the body uses quickly.
  • 5. Ginger: Ginger regulates your blood sugar level, accompanies with the spice in burning fat, and adds scrumptiousness to the soup.

All of these ingredients can be blended in a unique way and portions and can be made in a microwave in less than 2 minutes.

Most importantly though, the ingredients altogether cost only 50 cents! This is from where it derives its name.

How effective is it?

The Microwave Miracle is more effective than your usual diet programs and exercises. The real magic is in the way its ingredients combine together to transform the insoluble fats into soluble fats. These soluble fats have the ability to be used instantly by your body in times of need. When they are used, your fat reserves naturally and ultimately start to deplete.

You must have heard about the Keto diet. It uses the same phenomenon of making your fat mimic the pathways of carbs so that in the end, your body relies on fats for energy.

Its effectiveness can be judged from the fact that the discoverer and author of this product helped his wife shed 38 pounds.


With this package, you get a free guide called 5 Easy Ways to Destroy Hunger Fast! As apparent from the name, the guide helps you get rid of hunger pangs so that you don’t crave for things and also don’t overeat as a result.  

50 Cent Fat Blasting Soup
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