The CEMI Field Theory

It is clear that very weak electromagnetic field fluctuations are capable of modulating neuron-firing patterns. These exogenous fields are weaker than the perturbations in the brain's endogenous electromagnetic field that are induced during normal neuronal activity. The conclusion is inescapable: the brain's endogenous electromagnetic field must influence neuronal information processing in the brain.

Information in neurons is therefore pooled, integrated and reflected back into neurons through the brain's electromagnetic field and its influence on neuron-firing patterns. This self-referral loop has physical and dynamic properties that precisely map with consciousness and are most parsimoniously accounted for if the brain's electromagnetic field is the physical substrate of consciousness. Conscious volition results from the influence of the brain's electromagnetic field on neurons that initiate motor actions. The conscious electromagnetic information (CEMI) field theory thereby proposes:

Digital information within neurons is pooled and integrated to form an electromagnetic information field. Consciousness is that component of the brain's electromagnetic information field that is downloaded to motor neurons and is thereby capable of communicating its state to the outside world.

The CEMI field theory [34, 35] suggests that processing information through the wave-mechanical dynamics of the CEMI field provided a significant advantage to our ancestors that was captured by natural selection to endow our minds with the capability to process information through fields. MacLennan [32] has proposed that the brain is capable of field computing (which has many of the attributes of quantum computing) that may perform some operations with greater efficiency, or with fewer resources, than can be achieved in a digital system. In a similar way, optical holograms can perform convolution, deconvolution and Fourier transforms, at the speed of light, acting on massively parallel data sets. Sending information through the electromagnetic field may similarly confer novel information processing capabilities on the human brain that have been captured by our conscious mind.

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