Intel: Improving Environmental Health Through Corporate Vision and Mission

Intel, a manufacturer of microprocessors, changes it manufacturing processes every 2 years as it miniaturizes the next generation of microprocessors. Intel considers this an opportunity for environmental improvement, for example, through chemical selection, facility design, waste management, ergonomics, and manufacturing equipment selection. Other aspects of planning include projecting environmental health and safety impacts over 10 years, or five generations of manufacturing. It sets goals that must be integrated into the design and development processes. For example, Intel reduced water use by 40 percent in one process that uses hydrofluoric acid to etch wafers and achieved better management of the exhaust, which reduced energy use. In another process, it recycled hazardous wastes and reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds.

A key to Intel's success in improving the environmental health of the community has been the company's vision to develop a "green" plan that integrates design for the environment while aiming for sustainable activities as part of its operations.

variety of healthy meals. The secretaries will also engage other organizations in the attempt to help combat the obesity epidemic, including fruit and vegetable growers, grocery manufacturers, public health groups, and state leaders through the National Governors' Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures, as well as physical fitness groups (DHHS, 2002). This example shows how federal leadership can be used to encourage voluntary change. Other voluntary efforts, such as those made to develop standards to protect children on the Internet, demonstrate that industries can be mobilized to deal with problems of social significance. In the absence of voluntary agreements, potential legislative and regulatory strategies could be developed; for example, federal school lunch grants could be contingent upon schools' removal of soft drinks and other fast-food sources from junior high schools and high schools.

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