Sheng Yao PhD and Lieping Chen MD PhD



Tumor Evasion of Immune System The B7-CD28: Rapidly Expanding Family of Promising Immunotherapy Targets Perspectives Acknowledgments References


To breach host immune defense, cancer cells deploy elaborate tactics to reduce its immunogenicity and to induce immune tolerance. To counter these evasion mechanisms, manipulation of the T-cell cosignaling pathway has become an attractive approach. The B7 family costimulatory molecules deliver crucial signals through receptors on the T-cell surface for effective T-cell priming, differentiation, survival, and function. New B7 and B7-receptor family homologs that control distinct T-cell costimulatory and/or coin-hibitory pathways continue to be discovered. Modulation of the B7 family molecules could enhance tumor immunogenicity and reverse tumor-induced tolerance, providing us promising immune-modulating arsenals against tumor.

Key Words: B7 family; costimulation; immune evasion; immunotherapy.

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