Robin C Humphreys PhD



Ligands and Receptors of the TNF Superfamily

Novel Therapeutics Targeting the TRAIL Cell Death Pathway



Novel biological agents are being developed as cancer therapeutics to target the signaling pathway that mediates programmed cell death. The ability to directly signal apop-tosis and the relatively restricted tumor cell expression of the tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) cell surface receptors reflect their potential as specific, therapeutic cancer targets. Therapeutic agents being developed to activate this pathway include agonist human and chimeric TRAIL receptor monoclonal antibodies and the ligand TRAIL. This chapter will summarize the current knowledge of the targets in the TRAIL cell death pathway and the status of the agents being developed to activate this pathway.

Key Words: Monoclonal antibody; TRAIL; TRAIL-R1; TRAIL-R2; apoptosis; TNF.

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