Phylogenetically Unaffiliated Bacteria

14.1 Morphologically Conspicuous Sulfur-Oxidizing Eubacteria 941 jan w. m. la riviere and karin schmidt

14.2 The Genus Propionigenium 955 bernhard schink

14.3 The Genus Zoogloea 960 patrick r. dugan, daphne l. stoner and harvey m. pickrum

14.4 Large Symbiotic Spirochetes: Clevelandina, Cristispira, Diplocalyx, Hollandina and Pillotina 971 lynn margulis and gregory hinkle

14.5 Streptobacillus moniliformis 983 james r. greenwood and sydney m. harvey

14.6 The Genus Toxothrix 986 peter hirsch

14.7 The Genus Gallionella 990 hans h. hanert

14.8 The Genera Caulococcus and Kusnezovia 996 jean m. schmidt and georgi a. zavarzin

14.9 The Genus Brachyarcus 998 peter hirsch

14.10 The Genus Pelosigma 1001 peter hirsch

14.11 The Genus Siderocapsa (and Other Iron- and Maganese-Oxidizing Eubacteria) 1005 hans h. hanert

14.12 The Genus Fusobacterium 1016 tor hofstad

14.13 Prokaryotic Symbionts of Amoebae and Flagellates 1028 kwang w. jeon

Index 1039

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