Fig. 8. Free energy of one mol quanta calculated from Planck's constant h (6.63 x 1034 J-s), the speed of light c (2.99 x 108 m-s-1), the wavelengths of light l, and the Avogadro constant NA= 6.023 x 1023 mol-1 according to AGV; = NA-h-c-1-1. Free energy required for the transfer of 1 mole of electrons from an electron donor with standard redox potential E^d (see Table 4) to CO2 calculated according to AG^el = -F-(-470 - E^d) using the Faraday constant F (96.5 kJ-V-1-mol-1). Dotted vertical lines indicate the energy that is available after absorption of light by the long wavelength Qy absorption bands of different photosyn-thetic pigments.

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