Essays in Prokaryotic Biology

1.1 How We Do, Don't and Should Look at Bacteria and Bacteriology 3 carl r. woese

1.2 Databases 24 wolfgang ludwig, karl-heinz Schleifer and erko stackebrandt

1.3 Defining Taxonomic Ranks 29 erko stackebrandt

1.4 Prokaryote Characterization and Identification 58 hans g. trüper and karl-heinz Schleifer

1.5 Principles of Enrichment, Isolation, Cultivation, and

Preservation of Prokaryotes 80

jörg overmann

1.6 Prokaryotes and Their Habitats 137 hans g. schlegel and holger w. jannasch

1.7 Morphological and Physiological Diversity 185 Stephen h. zinder and martin dworkin

1.8 Cell-Cell Interactions 221 dale kaiser

1.9 Prokaryotic Genomics 246 b. w. wren

1.10 Genomics and Metabolism in Escherichia coli 261 margrethe haugge serres and monica riley

1.11 Origin of Life: RNA World versus Autocatalytic Anabolism 275 günter wächtershäuser

1.12 Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology 284 eugene rosenberg

1.13 The Structure and Function of Microbial Communities 299 david a. stahl, meredith hullar and seana davidson

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