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Inside you will learn: Understanding the problem discover your own unique behavioral pattern, when you procrastinate and in what situations you tend to delay doing things more. Explore how procrastination touches every facet of your life, not just your work or career. How to create the connections between deep-seated emotions and your actions in day to day situations. How to create the perfect goals that will eliminate procrastination for good. Discover your true purpose in life with this one simple step Consciously create the most ideal circumstances in the present so you wont have to worry about the future. The higher connections between desires, needs and your lifes true purpose. What makes goals effective in eradicating procrastination completely from ones life? How to increase the clarity of your goals in life. Do you know how to see the Big Picture or are you stuck with small issues and troubles in life? Finally discover the hidden Trouble Spots in your life that are causing you to procrastinate without knowing it! Improve your handling of goals in life so you wont be side-tracked by procrastination anymore. Motivating oneself to pursue short term and long term goals. Read more here...

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End Procrastination Without Willpower

Find Your Focus is a proven system to eliminate distractions, end procrastination, ignite your inner drive and get things done! This is not tips for time management. They have some value its great to be organized; that certainly helps but time management isnt the same as addressing procrastination directly. Once you rid yourself of procrastination in one area, it becomes easier and easier to eliminate it in others. You may even find that your new habit of action and productivity spills over into other areas of your life without you needing to address them directly. If you want to make a change in your life, its important to understand Why you want to make it in the first place. Ask yourself what your future would look like if you completely rid yourself of. procrastination and became a productivity machine. Read more here...

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Options For The Undecided Medical Student

The undecided student believes that it is better to hold off on making a final decision than to select the wrong one and become an unhappy, dissatisfied doctor. They would rather do it right the first time or not do it at all (by delaying the decision). Putting off a final commitment is one of several options for an undecided medical student. You should keep in mind, however, that simple procrastination is not necessarily going to make the big decision any easier when the time comes around again to make a commitment.

Avoidance Avoidance Conflict

In an avoidance-avoidance conflict, the person must choose between two goals, both of which are undesirable. If possible, the person will avoid both. If constrained to stay in the situation, the person will become immobilized partway between the two goals, where the two avoidance gradients cross, since movement in either direction would increase anxiety. Such decisions invite postponement and procrastination.

Self Ideal Congruence and Mental Health

Higgins's theory has garnered much empirical attention since the mid-1980s. Some of the recent topics have ranged from alcohol consumption (Wolfe & Maisto, 2000), eating disorders (Veale, Kinderman, Riley, & Lambrou, 2003), procrastination (Orellana-Damacela, Thidale, & Suarez-Balcazar, 2000), and mental health hi general (Liao & Fan, 2003). For instance, Wendy Wolfe and Stephen Maisto (2000) tested the prediction that higher real-ideal self-discrepancy would be related to greater alcohol consumption in a sample of university students. Wolfe and Maisto reasoned that people who have large real-ideal self discrepancies look to relieve then negative affective states (anxiety, depression) by turning to alcohol. They went on to reason that this effect should be even stronger on those dimensions of self-concept that are particularly important and salient to the individual. In other words, they believed both the magnitude of the discrepancy and the salience of the discrepancy should be...

Regulation of Behavior The Self System

People have considerable control over their own behavior. They vaiy, of course, in how effectively they exert this control. Sometimes they procrastinate, putting off projects rather than working on them sometimes people engage in self-handicapping, doing work in ways that make it difficult to succeed, such as tiying to study in a place that has too many distractions (Lay, Knish, & Zanatta, 1992). In contrast, other people make the most of their

The poisoning of George III

Wales, his eldest son and eventually successor, favoured the Whig Opposition in Parliament, and he believed his father's madness to be permanent. This would necessitate a regency with himself exercising the royal power. The Tory governing party naturally would have been out in the cold had this happened but they were able to drag their feet over passing the requisite legislation through Parliament. The result of the Tory Party's procrastination was that they remained in office because the King recovered and resumed his role as Head of State. His 'madness' had only been a symptom of his condition. The royal malady and recovery had important repercussions for the treatment of all lunatics, once it was realized that madness could be a curable condition.

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