The Thriving Scale

Many times, people with a chronic illness or who have had traumatic experiences talk not only about the negative things, but also of the positive things that have happened to them as a result of their illness or experience. Below is a list of some of these positive things. On a scale of 0 (this did not happen to me) to 4 (I experienced a great deal of this) indicate the degree to which each occurred in your life as a result of your illness or traumatic experience.

_ 1. I learned to look at things in a more positive way.

_ 2. I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was.

_ 3. I learned to be a more optimistic person.

_ 4. I realized how much my family cares about me.

_ 5. I learned to be more confident in myself.

_ 6. I learned to approach life more calmly.

_ 7. I have more compassion for others.

_ 8. Now I know I can handle difficulties.

_ 9. My relationship with my family became more important.

_10. I learned to work through my problems and not give up.

_11. I learned to find more meaning in life.

_12. My faith in God increased.

_13. My relationship with my family became more meaningful.

_14. My life now has more meaning and satisfaction.

_15. I learned to appreciate the strength of others who have difficult times.

_16. My confidence in God increased.

_17. I learned to live for today, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

_18. Now I know that I can count on my friends in difficult times.

_19. I learned to deal better with uncertainty.

_20. I learned to be more patient.

Reprinted with the permission of Dr. Anna F. Abraido-Lanza of the Columbia

School of Public Health. For more information see: A. F. Abraido-Lanza,

C. Guier, and R. M. Colon (1998). "Psychological Thriving Among Latinas with

Chronic Illness." Journal of Social Issues, 54, 405-24.

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