The Selfesteem Rating Scale

This questionnaire is designed to measure how you feel about yourself. It is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer each item as carefully and accurately as you can by placing a number by each one as follows:

2 = Rarely

3 = A little of the time

4 = Some of the time

5 = A good part of the time

6 = Most of the time

7 = Always

1. I feel that people would not like me if they really knew me well.

2. I feel that others do things much better than I do.

3. I feel that I am an attractive person.

4. I feel confident in my ability to deal with other people.

5. I feel that I am likely to fail at things I do.

6. I feel that people really like to talk with me.

7. I feel that I am a very competent person.

When I am with other people I feel that they are glad I am with them.

I feel that I make a good impression on others. I feel confident that I can begin new relationships if I want to.

I feel that I am ugly.

I feel that I am a boring person.

I feel very nervous when I am with strangers.

I feel confident in my ability to learn new things.

I feel good about myself.

I feel ashamed about myself.

I feel inferior to other people.

I feel that my friends find me interesting.

I feel that I have a good sense of humor.

I get angry at myself over the way I am.

I feel relaxed meeting new people.

I feel that other people are smarter than myself.

I do not like myself.

I feel confident in my ability to cope with difficult situations.

I feel that I am not very likable. My friends value me a lot. I am afraid I will appear stupid to others. I feel that I am an okay person.

I feel that I can count on myself to manage things well.

I wish I could just disappear when I am around other people.

I feel embarrassed to let others hear my ideas. I feel that I am a nice person.

_33. I feel that if I could be more like other people then I

would feel better about myself.

_34. I feel that I get pushed around more than others.

_35. I feel that people like me.

_36. I feel that people have a good time when they are with me.

_37. I feel confident that I can do well in whatever I do.

_38. I trust the competence of others more than I trust my own abilities.

_39. I feel that I mess things up.

_40. I wish that I were someone else.

Reprinted with permission of Dr. William R. Nugent. For more information see:

W. R. Nugent, and J. W. Thomas (1993). "Validation of the Self-Esteem Rating

Scale," Research on Social Work Practice 3, 191-207.

The following items must be reversed (1 = 7, 2 = 6, 3 = 5, 4 = 4, 5 = 3, 6 = 2, and 7 = 1): 1, 2, 5, 11, 13, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 30, 31, 33, 34, 38, 39, and 40. After reversing these items, add your responses together to obtain your final score.

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