Summary of Horneys Neurotic Trends

Neurotic Trends

The Compliant Personality

Against People

The Aggressive Personality

Away from People

The Detached Personality

Basic conflict or source of neurotic trend

Feelings of helplessness

Protection against hostility of others

Feelings of isolation

Neurotic needs

1. Affection and approval

5. Exploitation

9. Selfsufficiency and independence


6. Recognition and unassailability

10. Perfection and prestige

3. Narrow limits to life

7. Personal admiration

8. Personal achievement

Normal analog

Friendly, loving

Ability to survive in a competitive society

Autonomous and serene

tolerated only by the self-deceptive belief that they are perfect and therefore beyond criticism. They dread competition, fearing a blow to their illusory feelings of superiority. Instead, they prefer that their hidden greatness be recognized without any effort on their part (Horney, 1945).

In summary, each of the three neurotic trends has an analogous set of characteristics that describe normal individuals. In addition, each of 10 neurotic needs can be easily placed within the three neurotic trends. Table 6.1 summarizes the three neurotic trends, the basic conflicts that give rise to them, the outstanding characteristics of each, the 10 neurotic needs that compose them, and the three analogous traits that characterize normal people.

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