Social Behavior

Groups do not behave; only individuals do. Individuals establish groups because they have been rewarded for dohig so. For example, individuals form clans so that they might be protected agahist animals, natural disasters, or enemy tribes. Individuals also form governments, establish churches, or become part of an unruly crowd because they are rehiforced for that behavior.

Membership hi a social group is not always reinforcing; yet, for at least three reasons, some people rernahi a member of a group. First, people may remain in a group that abuses them because some group members are reinforcing them; second some people, especially children, may not possess the means to leave the group; and third reinforcement may occur on an intermittent schedule so that the abuse suffered by an hidividual is intermingled with occasional reward. If the positive reinforcement is strong enough, its effects will be more powerful than those of punishment.

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