The function that receives physical stimuli and transmits them to perceptual consciousness is called sensation. Sensing is not identical to the physical sthnulus but is shnply the individuals perception of sensory impulses. These perceptions are not dependent on logical thinking or feeling but exist as absolute, elementary facts within each person.

Extroverted sensing people perceive external stimuli objectively, in much the same way that these stimuli exist hi reality. Their sensations are not greatly influenced by their subjective attitudes. This facility is essential in such occupations as proofreader, house pahiter, wine taster, or any other job demanding sensory discriminations congruent with those of most people (Jung, 1921/1971).

Introverted sensing people are largely influenced by their subjective sensations of sight, sound, taste, touch, and so forth. They are guided by their interpretation of sense sthnuli rather than the stimuli themselves. Portrait artists, especially those whose paintings are extremely personalized, rely on an introverted-sensing attitude. They give a subjective interpretation to objective phenomena yet are able to communicate meaning to others. When the subjective sensing attitude is carried to its extreme, however, it may result hi hallucinations or esoteric and incomprehensible speech (Jung, 1921/1971).

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