Rogerss Theory of Therapeutic Change

-(/"the following conditions exist:

1. A vulnerable or anxious client

2. contacts a counselor who possesses

3. congruence in the relationship,

4. unconditional positive regard for the client, and

5. empathie understanding for the client's internal frame of reference, and

6. the client perceives Conditions 3, 4, and 5—the three necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic growth;

Then therapeutic change occurs and the client will

1. become more congruent;

2. be less defensive;

3. become more open to experiences;

4. have a more realistic view of the world;

5. develop positive self-regard;

6. narrow the gap between ideal self and real self;

7. be less vulnerable to threat;

8. become less anxious;

9. take ownership of experiences;

10. become more accepting of others;

11. become more congruent in relationships with others.

Note: Boldfaced phrases represent the key therapeutic conditions and the most basic outcomes.

326 Part III Humanistic/Existential Theories take ownership of an increasing number of their experiences and comfortable enough with themselves to lessen their need for denial and distortion.

Their relationships with others are also changed. They become more acceptmg of others, make fewer demands, and simply allow others to be themselves. Because they have less need to distort reality, they have less desire to force others to meet then expectations. They are also perceived by others as bemg more mature, more likable, and more socialized. Their genuineness, positive self-regard and empathic understanding are extended beyond therapy, and they become better able to participate hi other growth-facilitating relationships (Rogers, 1959,1961). Table 11. 1 illustrates Rogers's theory of therapy.

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