To Rotter (1964), "the problems of psychotherapy are problems of how to effect changes in behavior through the interaction of one person with another. That is, they are problems hi human learning in a social situation" (p. 82). Although Rotter adopts a problem-solving approach to psychotherapy, he does not lhnit his concern to quick solutions to immediate problems. His hiterest is more long range, involving a change hi the patients orientation toward life.

In general, the goal of Rotter's therapy is to brhig freedom of movement and need value hito harmony, thus reduchig defensive and avoidance behaviors. The therapist assumes an active role as a teacher and attempts to accomplish the therapeutic goal in two basic ways: (1) changing the importance of goals and (2) eliminating unrealistically low expectancies for success (Rotter, 1964, 1970, 1978; Rotter & Hochreich, 1975).

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