To Maslow (1970), the ahn of therapy would be for clients to embrace the Being-values, that is, to value truth, justice, goodness, simplicity, and so forth. To accomplish this aim, clients must be free from then dependency on others so that their natural impulse toward growth and self-actualization could become active. Psychotherapy cannot be value free but must take into consideration the fact that everyone has an inherent tendency to move toward a better, more enriching condition, namely self-actualization.

The goals of psychology follow from the client's position on the hierarchy of needs. Because physiological and safety needs are prepotent, people operatmg on these levels will not ordinarily be motivated to seek psychotherapy. Instead they will strive to obtam nourishment and protection.

Most people who seek therapy have these two lower level needs relatively well satisfied but have some difficulty achieving love and belongingness needs. Therefore, psychotherapy is largely an interpersonal process. Through a warm, loving, interpersonal relationship with the therapist, the client gams satisfaction of love and belongingness needs and thereby acquires feelings of confidence and self-worth. A healthy interpersonal relationship between client and therapist is therefore the best psychological medicine. This accepting relationship gives clients a feeling of bemg worthy of love and facilitates their ability to establish other healthy relationships outside of therapy. This view of psychotherapy is nearly identical to that of Carl Rogers, as we discuss in Chapter 11.

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