Erikson's psychosexual theory assumes an instinctual drive to perpetuate the species. This drive is the counterpart of an adult animal's instinct toward procreation and is an extension of the genitality that marks young adulthood (Erikson, 1982). However, procreativity refers to more than genital contact with an intimate partner. It includes assuming responsibility for the care of offspring that result from that sexual contact. Ideally, procreation should follow from the mature mthnacy and love established during the precedhig stage. Obviously, people are physically capable of producing offspring before they are psychologically ready to care for the welfare of these children.

Mature adulthood demands more than procreathig offspring; it includes carhig for one's children as well as other people's children. In addition, it encompasses workhig productively to transmit culture from one generation to the next.

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