Please Mark These True or False as They Apply to

F It's very important to me to please other people.

F When I feel distressed, I seek out an emotionally strong person to tell my troubles to.

F I prefer routine more than change.

F I enjoy being in a powerful leadership position.

F I believe in and follow the advice: "Do unto others before they can do unto me."

F I enjoy being the life of the party.

F It's very important to me to be recognized for my accomplishments.

F I enjoy seeing the achievements of my friends.

F I usually end relationships when they begin to get too close.

F It's very difficult for me to overlook my own mistakes and personal flaws.

These questions represent 10 important needs proposed by Karen Horney. We discuss these items in the section on neurotic needs. Please know that marking an item in the direction of neurotic needs does not indicate that you are emotionally unstable or driven by neurotic needs.

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Breaking Bulimia

Breaking Bulimia

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