Person as Scientist

When you decide what foods to eat for lunch, what television shows to watch, or what occupation to enter, you are actmg in much the same maimer as a scientist. That is, you ask questions, formulate hypotheses, test them, draw conclusions, and try to predict future events. Like all other people (including scientists), your perception of reality is colored by your personal constructs—your way of looking at, explaining, and interpreting events in your world.

In a similar maimer, all people, in then quest for meaning, make observations, construe relationships among events, formulate theories, generate hypotheses, test those that are plausible, and reach conclusions from their experiments. A person's conclusions, like those of any scientist, are not fixed or final. They are open to reconsideration and reformulation. Kelly was hopeful that people individually and collectively will find better ways of restructuring their lives through imagination and foresight.

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