The term "necrophilia" means love of death and usually refers to a sexual perversion hi which a person desires sexual contact with a corpse. However, Fromm (1964, 1973) used necrophilia in a more generalized sense to denote any attraction to

Chapter 7 Fromm: Humanistic Psychoanalysis 199

death. Necrophilia is an alternative character orientation to biophilia. People naturally love life, but when social conditions stunt biophilia, they may adopt a necropliilic orientation.

Necrophilic personalities hate humanity; they are racists, warmongers, and bullies; they love bloodshed destruction, terror, and torture; and they delight in destroying life. They are strong advocates of law and order; love to talk about sickness, death, and burials; and they are fascinated by dirt, decay, corpses, and feces. They prefer night to day and love to operate in darkness and shadow.

Necrophilous people do not simply behave in a destructive maimer; rather, their destructive behavior is a reflection of then basic character. All people behave aggressively and destructively at times, but the entire lifestyle of the necrophilous person revolves around death, destruction, disease, and decay.

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