An adequate theory

Sometimes people are motivated to seek tension, not merely reduce it.

of personality, Allport contended, must allow for proactive behavior It must view people as consciously acting on their environment in a maimer that permits growth toward psychological health. A comprehensive theory must not only include an explanation of reactive theories, but must also include those proactive theories that stress change and growth. In other words, Allport argued for a psychology that, on one hand, studies behavioral patterns and general laws (the subject matter of traditional psychology) and, 011 the other, growth and individuality.

Chapter 13 Allport: Psychology of the Individual 381

Allport claimed that theories of unchanging motives are incomplete because they are limited to an explanation of reactive behavior. The mature person, however, is not motivated merely to seek pleasure and reduce pain but to acquire new systems of motivation that are functionally independent from their orighial motives.

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