M The Sixth Edition

The sixth edition of Theories of Personality contains many new features, but it continues to emphasize the strong and unique features of earlier editions, namely the overviews near the beginning of each chapter, a

Preface xvii lively writing style, the thought-provoking concepts of humanity as seen by each theorist, and the structured evaluations of each theory Annotated suggested readings have been moved online to the books Website at http/Amw. mhhe.com/feist6 to facilitate online research. As were the previous editions, the sixth edition is based on original sources and the most recent formulation of each theory. Early concepts and models are included only if they retained their importance in the later theory or if they provided vital groundwork for understanding the final theory.

For select chapters, we have developed a Web-enhanced feature titled Beyond Biography, which is directly linked to additional information on the books Website located at http//M>M'w.mhhe.com/feist6.

Although the sixth edition of Theories of Personality explores difficult and complex theories, we use clear, concise, and comprehensible language as well as an informal writing style. The book is designed for undergraduate students and should be understood by those with a minimum background in psychology. However, we have tried not to oversimplify or violate the theorist's original meaning. We have made ample comparisons between and among theorists where appropriate and have included many examples to illustrate how the different theories can be applied to ordinary day-to-day situations. A glossary at the end of the book contains definitions of technical terms. These same terms also appear in boldface within the text.

The present edition continues to provide comprehensive coverage of the most influential theorists of personality. It emphasizes normal personality, although we have also included brief discussions on abnormality, as well as methods of psychotherapy, when appropriate. Because each theory is an expression of its builder's unique view of the world and of humanity, we include ample biographical information of each theorist so that readers will have an opportunity to become acquainted with both the theory and the theorist.

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