By introjection, Klein shnply meant that infants fantasize takhig hito their body those perceptions and experiences that they have had with the external object, originally the mother's breast. Introjection begins with an infant's first feedhig, when there is an attempt to hicorporate the mother's breast hito the infant's body. Ordinarily, the infant tries to hitroject good objects, to take them inside itself as a protection against anxiety. However, sometimes the infant hitrojects bad objects, such as the bad breast or the bad penis, hi order to gam control over them. When dangerous objects are hitrojected, they become internal persecutors, capable of terrifying the infant and leaving frightening residues that may be expressed in dreams or in an interest hi fairy tales such as "The Big Bad Wolf" or "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Introjected objects are not accurate representations of the real objects but are colored by children's fantasies. For example, infants will fantasize that then mother is constantly present; that is, they feel that their mother is always inside their body. The real mother, of course, is not perpetually present, but infants nevertheless devour her in fantasy so that she becomes a constant internal object.

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