Generalized Sensuality

The final psychosexual stage is generalized sensuality. Erikson had little to say about this mode of psychosexual life, but one may infer that it means to take pleasure in a variety of different physical sensations— sights, sounds, tastes, odors, embraces, and perhaps genital stimulation. Generalized sensuality may also include a greater appreciation for the traditional lifestyle of the opposite sex. Men be-

Eriksons stages of development extend into old age. COme m0re nurturant and more acceptant of the pleasures of nonsexual relationships, including those with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Women become more mterested and involved hi politics, finance, and world affairs (Erikson, Erikson, & Kivnick, 1986). A generalized sensual attitude, however, is dependent on ones ability to hold tilings together, that is, to maintain integrity hi the face of despair.

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