Freedom Defined

In an early definition, May (1967) said that "freedom is the individuals capacity to know that he is the determined one" (p. 175). The word "determined" hi this definition is synonymous with what May (1981) would later call destiny. Freedom, then, comes from an understanding of our destiny: an understanding that death is a possibility at any moment, that we are male or female, that we have inherent weaknesses, that early childhood experiences dispose us toward certain patterns of behavior.

Freedom is the possibility of changing, although we may not know what those changes might be. Freedom "entails behig able to harbor different possibilities in one's mind even though it is not clear at the moment which way one must act" (May, 1981, pp. 10-11). This condition often leads to increases in anxiety, but it is normal anxiety, the khid that healthy people welcome and are able to manage.

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