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Instructor's Manual and Test Bank

The Instructor's Manual accompanying this book includes learning objectives, a lecture outline, teaching suggestions, essay questions, and a test bank of multiple-choice items. The learning objectives are designed to provide instructors with concepts that should be important to the student. The lecture outline is intended to help busy instructors organize lecture notes and grasp quickly the major ideas of each chapter. With some general familiarity with a particular theory, instructors should be able to lecture directly from the lecture outline. Teaching suggestions reflect class activities and paper topics that the authors have used successfully with their students. The Instructor's Manual is available both on an Instructor's Resource CD-ROM and on the password-protected side of the book's Website (

In the Test Bank, we have included three or four essay questions and answers from each chapter for instructors who prefer this type of student evaluation. For those who prefer multiple-choice questions, we have

Preface provided a test bank with nearly 1,500 items, each marked with the correct answer. The test items are available in Word files and in computerized format on the Instructor s Resource CD-ROM.

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