Critique of May Concept of Humanity Key Terms and Concepts

Twice married, twice divorced Philip was struggling through yet another difficult relationship—this time with Nicole, a writer hi her mid-40s. Philip could offer Nicole both love and financial security, but then relationship did not seem to be working.

Six months after Philip met Nicole, the two spent an idyllic summer together at his retreat. Nicole's two small sons were with then father and Philip's tlnee children were by then young adults who could care for themselves. At the beginning of the summer, Nicole talked about the possibility of marriage, but Philip replied that he was against it, citing his two previous unsuccessful marriages as his reason. Aside from this brief disagreement, the time they spent together that summer was completely pleasurable. Their intellectual discussions were gratifyhig to Philip and then lovemaking was the most satisfyhig he had ever experienced often borderhig on ecstasy.

At the end of this romantic summer, Nicole returned home alone to put her children in school. The day after she arrived home, Philip telephoned her, but somehow her voice seemed strange. The next morning he called agahi and got the feeling that someone else was with Nicole. That afternoon he called several more thnes but kept getting a busy signal. When he finally got through, he asked her if someone had been with her that morning. Without hesitation, Nicole reported that Craig, an old friend from her college days, was stayhig with her and that she had fallen hi love with him. Moreover, she planned to marry Craig at the end of the month and move to another part of the country.

Philip was devastated. He felt betrayed and abandoned. He lost weight, resinned smoking, and suffered from insomnia. When he saw Nicole again, he expressed his anger at her "crazy" plan. This outburst of rage was rare for Philip. He seldom showed anger, perhaps for fear of losing the one he loved. To complicate matters, Nicole said she still loved Philip, and she continued to see him whenever Craig was not available. Eventually, Nicole lost her infatuation with Craig and told Philip that, as he well knew, she could never leave him. This comment confused Philip because he knew no such thing.

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