Critique of Bandura Concept of Humanity Key Terms and Concepts

People often have their life path permanently altered by unexpected meetings with others or by unplanned happenings. These chance encounters and fortuitous events frequently determine whom people marry, what career they pursue, where they live, and how they will live their lives.

Many years ago, a young graduate student named A1 had a chance encounter that altered the course of his life. One Sunday, Al, who was usually a conscientious student, became bored with an uninteresting readmg assignment and decided that a round of golf was preferable to tackling schoolwork. Al checked with a friend and the two young men headed to the golf course. However, they arrived too late to make then tee tune and therefore were bumped to a later tune slot. By chance, this male twosome found themselves playing behind two slower-playing female golfers. Rather than "playing through," the two men joined the two women and the two twosomes became one foursome. Thus, a bormg readmg chore and a delayed tee-off time put two people together who otherwise would never have met. By this series of chance events, Albert Bandura and Ghmy (Virgina) Varns met in a sand trap on a golf course. The couple eventually married and had two daughters, Mary and Carol, who like most of us, were the products of a chance encounter.

Chance encounters and fortuitous events have been largely ignored by most personality theorists, even though most of us recognize that we have had unplanned experiences that have greatly changed our lives.

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