Choice Between Dichotomies

If people construe events in dichotomized fashion, then it follows that they have some choice in following alternative courses of action. This is Kelly's choice corollary, paraplnased as follows: People choose for themselves that alternative in a dichotomized construct through which they anticipate the greater possibility for extension and definition of future constructs.

Tins corollary assumes much of what is stated in Kelly's basic postulate and hi the preceding corollaries. People make choices on the basis of how they anticipate events, and those choices are between dichotomous alternatives. In addition, the choice corollary assumes that people choose those actions that are most likely to extend their future range of choices.

Arlene's decision to buy a used car was based on a series of previous choices, each of which was between dichotomized alternatives and each of which broadened her range of future choices. First she chose the independence of school over the dependence of gohig home to live with her parents. Next, buyhig a car offered more freedom than relying on friends or on bus schedules or walking (which she perceived as thne consuming). Repairhig her old car was financially risky compared to the greater safety of buyhig a used one. Purchasing a new car was too expensive compared to the relatively inexpensive used car. Each choice was between alternatives hi a dichotomized construct, and with each choice, Arlene anticipated the greater possibility for extending and defining future constructs.

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