Finally, we wish to acknowledge our gratitude to the many people who have contributed to the completion of this book. We are especially grateful for the valuable help given by those people who reviewed earlier editions of Theories of Personality. Their evaluations and suggestions helped greatly in the preparation of this new edition. These reviewers include the following: Robert J. Drummond, University of North Florida; Lena K. Ericksen, Western Washington University; Charles S. Johnson, William Rainey Harper College; Alan Lipman, George Washington University; John Phelan, Eric Rettinger, Elizabeth Rellinger, Evert Community College; Mark E. Sibicky, Marietta College; Connie Veldink, Illinois College; and Dennis Wanamaker.

In addition, we are also grateful to the following reviewers whose feedback helped to shape the sixth edition: Kevin Simpson, Concordia University; Lisa Lockliart, Texas A&M University-Kingsville; Natalie Denburg, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics; Kristine Anthis, Southern Connecticut State University; Eros DeSouza, Illinois State University; Yozan D. Mosig, University of Nebraska-Kearney.

We appreciate the strong support we have had from our publisher. We would like to express our special thanks to Kate Russillo, editorial coordinator; Mary Kate Ellenton, developmental editor; Judith Kromm, director of development; Mike Sugannan, executive editor; Ruth Smith, project manager; Maxine Barber, copy editor; Srdjan Savanovic, associate designer; Nora Agbayani, senior photo research coordinator; Randy Hurst, lead production supervisor; and Alex Rolirs, media project manager.

XX Preface

We are also indebted to Albert Bandura for his helpful comments on the chapter dealing with social cognitive theory. We also wish to thank these other personality theorists for taking time to discuss appropriate sections of earlier editions of this book: Albert Bandura, Hans J. Eysenck (deceased), Robert McCrae, Paul T. Costa, Jr., Carl R. Rogers (deceased), Julian B. Rotter, and B. F. Skinner (deceased).

Finally, we thank Mary Jo Feist, Linda Brannon, and Erika Rosenberg for their emotional support and other important contributions.

As always, we welcome and appreciate comments from readers, which help us continue to improve Theories of Personality.

Jess Feist Lake Charles, LA

Gregory J. Feist

Oakland, CA


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